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The new Season of Esta Noite Grita-se is coming!!

It is already on October 14 that the cycle of interpretations of theater texts from the 6th Season of Festim Esta Noite Grita-se begins. Once again, we traveled to different places in Lisbon (with visits to other parts of the country), with what is "the" itinerant feast of the word read, which celebrates the theatrical text in all its splendor and where, like a banquet , eat, drink and taste the word. Theatrical texts are this kind of link between solitary reading and listening to the word spoken in community. It is in fact a democratic feast, open to all, with presentations led by an artistic direction that accompanies a wide range of actors.

The readings do not obey the canon: there is an actor who reads the didascalias, the texts are almost always read in their entirety and the entire rehearsal process leads to moments endowed with an unusual splendor and exuberance, despite the stripping of the scenic device and the intimate relationship and informal established with the public. This year we have news in terms of programming, with two spaces that make their debut in hosting Esta Noite Grita-se: the Centro Cultural de Belém and the Teatro Nacional D.Maria II. In our usual collaboration with BLX, this year we are going to the Alcântara Library for the first time.

The reading cycle extends from October to December, the first month of this season being dedicated to presentations at the BLX (Galveias Palace Library, Alcântara Library and Marvila Library). In November we will be at CCB and in December we will finish big at TNDMII, with the presentation of the winning text of the 2nd Edition of the New Dramaturgy Award for Female Authors, whose winner will be announced on October 1st. Find out HERE the calendar of the reading cycle for this 6th Season and learn more about the box office. The feast also features parallel activities, such as workshops for reading dramatic texts for young people - in this edition they will take place on October 29 and 30 at the Marvila Library. The workshops are free of charge upon registration through the following contacts: | (+351) 924 744 048 You can also listen to various readings of texts presented in previous editions on a podcast. The Esta Noite Grita-se podcast can be heard on the main digital platforms and also HERE. Since 2017, this night scream-se has presented, in its five seasons, 27 texts in 77 presentations in different places in Lisbon/rest of the country, with the participation of about 100 actors, with an audience that has been increasingly adhering to this initiative. If you already know, come and bring friends, if you still don't know what this Feast is then it's time to come see and hear it!! This Night Screams awaits everyone, starting on October 14th, with the reading of the first text: The Presidents of Werner Schwab.


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