Agents Clara and Caramelo were deployed from one of the highest secret investigation agencies of the EUC (United States of the Corps) for a mission of great importance: to identify, neutralize and correct the unhealthy diets of human beings. Thus, they use their dexterity and persuasion capacity to show, through techniques worthy of the secret services, how it is possible to have a healthy diet. Between kung-fu scams and the use of high-tech devices that read the mind, agents Clara and Caramelo end up, once again, doing the job and showing that, after all, it is not that complicated to have a healthy life, with balanced diets and an active daily life.

With this new production, Rebento intends to bring school-age children closer to the main concepts related to healthy eating habits in a playful and relaxed way. The creation is in line with the guidelines followed by the PNAS - National Program for the Promotion of Healthy Eating, which is also the basis for the rules followed in the context of school nutrition and education, thus making it easy to access the main lessons to keep in mind to be able to live in a healthy way through correct eating habits.

In this theatrical show, the children will be visited by two agents from PUDIM, an agency dedicated to identifying and neutralizing unhealthy diets. Two comic and antagonistic characters make real delights with an original text and performances of an extraordinary comic that transform any spectator into a staunch follower of a balanced diet!

Sr. Polícia, PUDIM, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento
Brócolis, PUDIM, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento
PUDIM, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento
Sr. Polícia, PUDIM, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento

Dates available by appointment
For ages 6 and over


Performances across the country.
We go to schools, libraries and theaters.



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PUDIM, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento
Morango, PUDIM, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento


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