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Companhia Cepa Torta is a creative group that has been working in the field of theater and performance since 1999, particularly in the municipality of Lisbon, and bases its work on five main vectors: strong community membership (in Marvila-Chelas), theatrical research at the intersection of classics with new dramaturgy by the director and playwright Miguel Maia, training a young audience and establishing artistic dialogues with the interior (Baixo Alentejo), in addition to the search for new audiences with, for example, the already nationally recognized feast of interpreted readings "Esta noite grita-se" and to the recently created New Dramaturgy Award for Female Authorship.


They assume theirs as a profoundly political artistic proposal, dealing with the polis in its broadest sense: they are artists and therefore vectors of reflection, information and thought. They are part of very different social and geographic contexts, favoring accessibility to the widest possible audience, and giving stage to underrepresented groups in the national artistic scene.

Activities are spread across several domains: original shows (adaptations of classics/literary works, documentary reflections on community creation processes), theater text reading festival (which includes the New Dramaturgy Award for Female Authorship, podcasts and workshops) , continued theatrical creation with children and young people, specialized training for professionals and national itinerancy.


The artistic matrix remains in the idea of action: the artist as an individual and a place of struggle against the normalization of thought, looking for open, experimental languages, focused on the idea of constructive deconstruction: questioning the meanings to find others that can also work .



cepa torta company

We work with a small nuclear team and a group
of people who collaborate on different projects.

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Master in Theater and Community by ESTC. He works as a director, actor and project coordinator for the company.

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Actor and graduated in Production by ESTC. Co-artistic director of the project “Esta noite grita-se” with Miguel Maia.

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Graduated in Architecture with specialization in Scenography. Responsible for the Production of Companhia Cepa Torta since September 2022.

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Works as a production assistant. Master in Theater, branch of Production by ESTC.


Member of the Board of Directors, she is also a photographer and responsible for communicating the initiatives developed by the Company.

Maria João Valgôde

psychologist and psychotherapist,
with experience in artistic-pedagogical projects.

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