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Graduated in Theater and Community by ESTC. He works as a director, actor and project coordinator for the company.


  Miguel Maia (b. Lisbon, 1976) is the artistic director of Cepa Torta. Master in Theater and Community by ESTC (2013). He collaborates, since 1999, in several projects in the field of theater and performance, as a playwright, director and actor, having crossed his path as a professional and training with Bruno Bravo, João Mota, Maria João Vicente, Célia David, Leonor Buescu, Sofia Cabrita , between others. Artist selected for the Labor project, by Teatro Lu.Ca, in 2019. He is, together with Filipe Abreu, artistic director of the annual festival of theater readings Esta Noite Cries, having already co-directed the interpretation of around 40 texts around over the six seasons, in the company of more than 120 performers. He occasionally participates as an actor in cinema, theatre, dubbing and television, but it is as a director and programmer that he has asserted himself. Of particular note is his creation Estudos sobre oDesio - Tomo I - O Barão (2019), which received several distinctions, and his community project Nunca Seen (2020), crossing theatrical classics with people from Marvila, available on RTP Play. Supported the creation of Sofia Cabrita in the show Como Assim? (2021), integrated into the work of Cepa Torta for adolescence, and is co-artistic director of the multidisciplinary community artistic project MALACATE at Mina de S. Domingos, in close articulation with the local community, financed by EEA Grants. In 2022, he created and staged the second volume of Studies on Desire - O Horla, presented in June. He directed the play Box of Questions, part of the Malacate project, presented at the ruins of Minas de S. Domingos in June 2023, with wide community participation.

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