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Nuvem, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento

Theater and poetry show based on two works: that of  Manuel António Pina, “A bird in the head”  and the poetic anthology of  Sophia de Mello Breyner, “My first book of poetry” (reading choices - NLP -  From  5th and 6th grade, it is also suitable for  children from 8 years old. This captivating show brings children closer to must-read books and facilitates their enjoyment in the classroom.  It travels to locations and lasts 45 minutes... 

Morango, PUDIM, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento

"Agents Clara and Caramelo were deployed from one of the highest secret investigation agencies of the EUC (United States of the Corps) for a mission of great importance: to identify, neutralize and correct the unhealthy diets of human beings!" This is how an adventure begins that aims to bring school-age children closer to the main concepts related to healthy eating habits in a playful and relaxed way.

Brócolis, PUDIM, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento

O Rebento presents a theater show with a very present physical component, where two actors appeal to the senses of the youngest.

This proposal, which emerges in the aftermath of a pandemic that distanced us from contact with others, is an artistic reflection on how the growth and search for identity is deeply marked by the way of touching the other and of the other touching us. 




.Children's poetry workshop

.Poetry workshop for young people

.Drawing-improvisation workshop

.creative dance workshop

.Photography workshop

Workshops for children and young people, which explore various materials and techniques as a way of building and appropriating knowledge, developing creativity, hidden talents and stimulating artistic expression.

Tailor-made initiatives to introduce  art as an element of personal development and providing the tools to carry out artistic creations based on the identity material of today's young people. A holistic approach to building the human being through artistic education imbued with a strong component of social awareness and the cultivation of critical thinking. Pedagogical structures built together with interested institutions.



O Rebento, from the Cepa Torta company, has artistic and pedagogical work as its fundamental pillar.  for believing in artistic expression as an engine of personal emancipation and emotional connection to the world around us.

The experience accumulated in the development of  work with children and young people, with the support of professionals in the field of pedagogy in structuring the applied content, now allow the launching of new challenges aimed at the young audience.


We continuously prepare different activities and promote initiatives aimed at young people.

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