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O  men  what
not  was  there

July 2012

Taborda Theatre, Lisbon


Direction,  lights and  costumes

Patricia Career


Statt Miller



José Manuel Castanheira


Guilherme Martins, André Almeida



Mafalda Moreiro


Sofia Berberan


Sofia Ferrão and  Ivan Karpenko


Background Spp and Companhia Cepa Torta

administrative department

Miguel Maya


Devir Association (residence reception)

The Man Who Is Not There is a show consisting of an online call in real time. Russian Ivan and Portuguese Patrícia do not know each other live, just over the internet, but always in color.


When you don't know the other, how many projections can you make about the other? What movies are made? - And how many characters from Russian literature will fit in it? Patricia likes Russian literature... it's the romance cliché. Her computer never goes off, it's always online on skype.


Maybe if she knew a little Russian and he knew Portuguese, the direction of actors would be a little better in this show, but obviously he is an inside man in Russia, you have to take advantage: Vânia will have a gun to do justice!

Dependence, independence, passion, everything will take place in this action film where survival has to be done through awareness of your own local realities, rules and laws: is globalization on the scene? A devising show, where multimedia is very much to blame.

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