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map  of  reinvented world

(various dates)

Greater Lisbon Area




Academia Cidadã , Associação Meridional de Cultura , Aguinenso 
and the Luís António Verney School Group .


The World Map will continue to be Reinvented:

- by informal groups of young people, replicators of the experience, building new personal maps;

- with the support of trained professionals, a reference in the community;

- increasing the network of partners.

Southern Theater
- from the 7th to the 9th of September 2018
Time to Change Association (Lóios)
- September 29, 2018
The Days of Marvila - Library of Marvila
- October 5, 2018

The Reinvented World Map (2017 – 2020) is financed by the Bipzip program of the Lisbon City Council, and this application obtained 1st place in the 2017 ranking. It has a network of about 30 partners and is an artistic work project with the community, in particular with young people from some neighborhoods in the parish of Marvila. Through continuous work, we focus on issues of identity and living in neighborhoods considered to be priority intervention in the Marvila area. A series of shows have already been performed at the end of the first year of work, with a premiere at Teatro Meridional in September 2018. We are now working on the preparation of the sustainability phase that will run until 2020. About 50 children from 5 neighborhoods participated in this project. Parish of Marvila, namely in the Chelas area. The work carried out included dramatic expression classes, photography sessions, painting and preparation of a final show, in addition to a 5-day residency in Mértola.


BIP-ZIP, Esta noite grita-se, Teatro, Cepa Torta


Dá-te Ao Condado, Esta noite grita-se, Teatro, Cepa Torta
Academia Cidadã, Esta noite grita-se, Teatro, Cepa Torta
Teatro Meridional, Esta noite grita-se, Teatro, Cepa Torta
Luís António Verney, Esta noite grita-se, Teatro, Cepa Torta
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