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November 1999

Multipurpose Hall of the Board
of Odivelas Parish

Uma Bruxa Que Queria Ser Palhaço, Teatro, Cepa Torta


Adaptation and Staging

Magda Novais


Mafalda Moreiro and Nona


Mafalda Moreiro


Mafalda Moreiro and Nona


José Falé, Bruno, Nona, Filipa Costa, Natasha Marchã, Miguel Maia, Filipa Costa, Joana Henriques


Parish Council of Odivelas, Nestlé, IPJ.

 hallucinations of a witch who wanted to be a clown

Once upon a time there was a crow named Jóni Ueine... It wasn't really a crow yet, but when it grew up, I wanted to be a crow... Really big... Really real... Like in the movies.” Jóni Ueini, Jóni Jóni Ueine and Jóni Jóni Jóni Ueine set out on an adventure in a boat that fits their dreams. They arrive at an island where they come across characters worthy of the children's imagination, characters that grow and diminish with the simple entry or exit of a house, pirates, stars fallen from the sky, witches that turn children into clowns, etc..

Sweetened by the chocolate that was distributed to the little ones, this fable had the participation of some newcomers, having had a huge acceptance by the public that filled the house every day the play was in theaters.

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