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. Score .  two

May  2004

Malaposta Theater


Original text

Miguel Maya



Miguel Maya


staging assistant

Ana Sacadura

Light Design

Miguel Maia and Mafalda Moreiro


Original music

Miguel Maia and Hugo Borralho


Ana Sacadura, Sofia Garrido
and Mafalda Moreiro

scenography  and costumes

Mafalda Moreiro

Execution of Costumes

Helena Leitão and Manuel Moreira

Scenography Assistant

Raul Vicente


Ana Laura and Patricia Maio


José Falé, Samara Rainho,
Rui Mendonça and Rui Pereira


Mafalda Moreiro and Raúl Vicente




A master. A woman. An alienated one.
One not alienated. The apocalypse. The after. One wakes up, thinks for the first time, glimpses the sleeping plain, without trees, the sky black with uncertainty, the moon hidden by shame. It is perceived. We have a name, and hopefully a story not to tell. We look back, anger takes us. We get revenge. Death is for real, the ultimate loss. You cry and the tears are wasted. It is reborn. Dry salt on the face, Burning sun in the eyes, when shy is born. Trees are planted, minds are watered, breasts streaked with wounds are licked, they roll in the mud. But what about the screen, doesn't it come back on? Who supports us, who tells us how to do it? Who's in charge now? It's us.

Largest theater production of Cepa Torta so far. Theater piece by the Company's author, Miguel Maia, who explored the concept of apocalypse and the possibility of three survivors dealing with past wounds and starting all over again. 

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