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May  2005

Iberian Theater

Co-Production with Lais de Guia, Productions and Editions



Original text

Friedrich Durrenmatt

Translation and Adaptation

Miguel Pinto and Ana Sacadura



Ana Sacadura

light design

Ana Sacadura



Lais de Guia and Torta Strain


Costumes and Props

Ana Sacadura


Alexandra Marques, Miguel Maia, Miguel Pinto, Néllson Souza, Ourania Doulidis, Rui Pereira, Samara Rainho


Gustavo Gonçalves


Mafalda Moreiro



Os Físicos, Teatro, Cepa Torta

An insane asylum. Three physicists. Three murders. A formula. An inspector. Three nurses. She's a doctor, she's sick. They're crazy, they're physical.
The world slipped out of their hands at the sound of the violin.

This play, written by Swiss playwright Friedrich Dürrenmatt and premiered for the first time in 1962, had never been performed in Portugal, having been applauded by audiences all over the world. In an adaptation by Miguel Sousa Pinto and Ana Sacadura, the work was  staged by Producer Lais de Guia in co-production with the Cepa Torta Theater Group.  


A Swiss text and author, an ironic and disconcerting humor and a diagnosis of a society structured on inverted rules were the necessary ingredients for the desire to materialize this project to emerge.

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