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Multiple Locations - Zone
of Greater Lisbon

Vicente Show, Teatro, Cepa Torta

Adaptation from the works of Gil Vicente

Jan Gomes



Jan Gomes



pie strain



Carlos Dias, Samara Rainho and Tó Correia


Raul Vicente



"Vicente Show" is a hilarious journey through the work of one of the greatest Portuguese playwrights of all times. Considered by many to be the father of Portuguese Theatre, Gil Vicente leaves us a rich legacy not only in terms of literary genres but also in the most varied range of characters that he addresses, constituting a historical document about the life and customs of other times. In a Talk Show format, we traveled in this vast heritage  having as main lines the literary work and characters of Gil Vicente.

A theater for actors, set to live music by the accordion's peculiar sound, was the proposal for a dynamic moment, of interaction with the audience and, above all, a lot of fun.

In the expectation that VicenteShow could be a starting point for everyone to further research on the phenomenal work of master Gil, we presented a show with the format “…bring by the suitcase!”, adaptable to any space, preferably with more structure intimate, with or without specialized technical equipment, where only everyone's availability for an exciting trip in playful terms and rich from a pedagogical point of view became essential.

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