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 Theatrical street show staged in the ruins of the
Mina de S. Domingos mining complex.

June 9 to 11, 2023

at Cais do Minério,
Mina de São Domingos

Caixa de Questions is the street theater show that Companhia Cepa Torta took to the scene in the ruins of the ore pier, in Mina de S. Domingos, in the year of the projectMALACATE. It is a spectacle that included the participation of many inhabitants of Mina and its well-known choral group.


Bring us a fable: in the middle of the 21st century. XXII, there is a village where a large mechanism called endless lives, a source of prosperity and happiness for a people who always live in the present. In this great technological center, the days are the same but no less happy - we always live in the now. But on one of these days that are always the same, the village receives a visit from a strange stranger who has a simple request to make of them. From then on, nothing will be the same as before. Or in fact, like now.


With text and direction by Miguel Maia, this was the largest production of the MALACATE project and mobilized several inhabitants of Mina de S. Domingos, in the different phases of research, creation, construction of costumes and sets and rehearsals.


At the intersection of the myth of Pandora's box and a reflection on what memory is, in a place as fertile as Mina, the project includes a strong audiovisual component, concluding an idea of transdisciplinarity and confrontation of languages that we are interested in exploring, in addition to reinforcing the impressive character of the spectacle, framed by one of the most significant ruins of the place - the ore pier - a large stone wall, occupied here and there by openings, old hatches for unloading the ore that right next to it side saw daylight after extraction.


Text, Dramaturgy and Staging Miguel Maia
Interpretation Carolina Cardoso Faias, Telmo Mendes, Tiago Boto
Creation Support / Staging Assistant Sofia Cabrita
Scenic Designers Sara Franqueira, Júlia Ebert

Set construction Fp Solutions, Fernando Miguel, Gonçalo Costa, Nelo Costa, Maria dos Anjos

Costume Designer Maria Luíz

Wardrobe Margarida Viana

Props Júlia Ebert, Maria Luiz, Sara Franqueira
Light Design and Operation Diana dos Santos
Light Design Assistant Manuel Abrantes
Sound Design and Original Music Pedro Freixo
Video Mário Jerónimo Negrão

Design João Vasco Maio
Photography Sónia Godinho

Chief Executive João Chicó

Light and sound technician António Sofia

Production Coordination Tatiana Lemos

Executive Production Beatriz Sousa

Production support Inês Achando, Susana Lopes

Community Members Ana Maria Gonçalves, Ângelo Duarte, António Assunção, António Dias Braz, Camila Duarte, Carolina Álvaro, Conceição Batista, Custódia Lampreia, Fátima Santos, Fernanda Cavaco, Francisco Correia, Francisco Dias, Idália Rodrigues, Isabel Campos, Isabel Valente, Januário Martins, Jesuína Santos, Joaquim Marques, José Alexandre, José Braz, José Fabião, José Pereira Gonçalves, José Raposo, José Silva, José Marques (Parrinha), Madalena Félix, Maria dos Anjos Gonçalves,  Maria José Batista, Mariano Horta, Manuel Gonçalves, Manuel Marques, Nuno Martins, Sofyia Aleksandrovna, Reinaldo Batista


Partnerships Mértola City Municipality, Corte do Pinto Parish Council, Serrão Martins Foundation, ALSUD/Senior University, Pension São Domingos, Vidas com Garra, Coral Group of Mina de São Domingos, Retired Persons Association


Thanks Ana Martins (Bé), Jéssica Matias, Isabel Campos, José Pereira, Nuno Martins, Paula Martins, Rui Conceição, Sara Ribeiro, Sílvia Paulino, Susana Gomes

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Program Operator

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Islândia,Liechtenstein e Noruega, através dos EEA Grants.

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