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March 2001

Speak-Only Space
(Bairro Alto - Lisbon)

Pecados, Teatro, Cepa Torta

from the text

Bertold Brecht's Seven Deadly Sins of the Little Bourgeois

Adaptation and Staging

Patricia Career


Mafalda Moreiro and Carlos Sousa


scenography  and costumes

Mafalda Moreiro


José Falé,  Miguel Maia and  Samara Rain



Mafalda Moreiro and Raúl Vicente


Fala-Só Cultural Association, CEM, Lança e Filho  Lda., IPJ, CML, José Manuel Vidal.

Sins are many, but deadly there are seven. And Pedro, our hero, will meet them all during his journey through a wonderful world of fairy tales and witches. But fairies don't exist and witches don't exist either, in this remote place where Pedro will meet the strangest and most fantastic beings of which there are no reports in the oldest books. Crossing their path, unusual heroes will show that sin is at hand and that the temptation is great when it comes to achieving our goals. Will there still be people like Peter who are open-minded and rosy among us, or have we all been swayed by the temptation to sin? That's what we propose to reveal and it won't be easy...

Always experimenting with new ways of looking at the art of representing and communicating, Cepa Torta staged a work based on Bertold Brecht's original “Seven Mortal Sins of the Small Bourgeois”, called “Sins, or the Small Burgesses” proposing a scenic environment with the audience in a tragic-comedy about a singular character who oscillates between virtue and sin, trying to adapt to an increasingly aggressive society full of temptations. The text was adapted from the original and the scenic space completely enveloped those present in a kind of white cloud that they felt with their bare feet. The audience was invited to travel with Pedro, a naive young prince, unaware of the world, who challenges his own destiny through a journey that makes him face strange characters and that leads him to discover sin in a variety of ways.

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