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Theater Guide 2019

- Best Adaptation - Miguel Maia

- Best ensemble cast - Isac Graça, Inês Garrido, Telmo Mendes and Rita Marques

- Best supporting actor - Telmo Mendes ( see )

Porto University Journal (JUP)

Theater retrospective 2019 - One of the five best shows presented in Porto in 2019 ( see )

Community Culture and Art

List of the 30 best shows of 2019 - 3rd place ( see )

There are four performers in front of us, on stage. They came to tell us the story of The Baron, a story by Branquinho da Fonseca. They are prepared, by the way they look at us. They're expectant, with the pupils wide open, like animals prepared for an attack. They have a purpose, every day, to find desire. The drive that inhabits them, the hidden place that they cannot always access. They then resort to The Baron's short story as they know that in this story there is an inspector who does not like to travel and who highly appreciates his status, and an eccentric Baron with a dark past and lost passions. All paths are open, when, on a stage, we mix actors and desire.

To find, in this search, an idea of desire and something hidden in the unconscious, a movement. A hand lift, a song, a disposition of the body that makes us, even for a second, access the place we want: that of an absolute contemplation of the beautiful. We know it is impossible, but we are unable to resist.



Adaptation, Dramaturgy and Staging:

Miguel Maia, from several texts (The Baron, by Branquinho da Fonseca, The Doors of Perception, by Aldous Huxley, The Eye, by George Bataille, among others).

Interpretation and co-creation

Inês Garrido, Isac Graça, Rita Marques and Telmo Mendes

Production management

Leonor Buescu

Press office

Mafalda Simões


Edoardo Trave

Scenic Space

Miguel Maia


Sofia Lima

Light Design

Manuel Abrantes

Light Operation

Carolina Caramelo / Gonçalo Morais


Mário Jerónimo Negrão


Sónia Godinho

Video recording

André Godinho Lopes

Audio recording

Félix Brückelmann

Age rating

M / 14


11th to 21st July 2019

Thursday to Sunday
9:30 p.m.
at Warehouse 16 - Marvila
Rua Pereira Henriques 1, Lisbon
September 21st and 22nd, 2019
Saturday and Sunday
9:30 pm
Silos - Creative container - Caldas da Rainha

October 10 and 11, 2019
Thursday and Friday
9:30 pm
Passos Manuel - Porto
IFICT, Esta noite grita-se, Teatro, Cepa Torta

Studies on desire - Volume I

The Baron

© Sonia Godinho

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