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Tailor-made initiatives to introduce  art as an element of personal development and providing the tools to carry out artistic creations based on the identity material of today's young people. Holistic approach to building the human being through imbued arts education
a strong component of social awareness and the cultivation of critical thinking. Pedagogical structures built alongside
with the interested institutions.

Educational Service
Artistic Projects

Think with your head. With the hands,
the eyes and the feet... With the whole body.

Working expressions is exercising
the thought. expressing involves everyone
the senses and reasoning, the body and the
connection of each with the outside world.
Communities of young people, institutions, schools and municipalities have a central role in creating the conditions for the development of expressive and complete citizens.

school is a place

The school is one of the main places
of the community, site of creation and neuralgic place and not a deposit of future normalized citizens. Non-conventional projects, which privilege expressions and holistic approaches to education are
those that make it possible to create informed, sensitive and strong citizens.

Proactive Pedagogical Projects

With interested institutions, Rebento develops pedagogical projects to take the arts to younger audiences in a proactive way. It introduces art as an essential element of personal development and provides tools for achievement
of artistic creations based on the identity material of each individual or group. It is distinguished from an extracurricular activity in that it includes a holistic approach to the construction of the human being through artistic education imbued with a strong component of social awareness and
of cultivating critical thinking.

The creators are the young

The original ideas of the
young, but giving aesthetic references
that can be used in projects. Short learning cycles, constant correspondence between groups from different locations and the use of social networks as a communication platform are privileged. Active collaboration in the community will be sought.











Performances across the country.
We go to schools, libraries and theaters.


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Identity Theater Project
in several schools in Odivelas

Theater is a tool for thinking about the world. One of the oldest forms of art, it is also the most complete in that it uses different forms of expression and culminates in an act of public communion in which an expressive object is presented. Made by people and for people, it is a community art and serves to stage the world, to test it and to see the results, just like in a chemical laboratory.

It happens face to face and, at a historic moment when technology-based social networks increasingly take over our lives, the theater maker has an important role.

Rebento created and implemented an innovative project in 4 schools in Odivelas, at the request of the Municipality of this municipality. For 6 months, around 80 students divided into 4 working groups (1 per school) took classes in theater and dramatic expression. Based on what participants brought to the sessions, 4 shows were created and presented to the community at the end of the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years.


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