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The poem "O Pássaro Na Cabeça" by Manuel antónio Pina is the creative instrument to awaken in children their personal universe and their narratives, and demonstrate how abstract and creative thinking begins in reference. Any reference, and its individual narratives, can be turned into poetry.

Poesia para crianças, Oficinas Criativas, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento

At a crossroads between the Dadaist movement and Adolescence, this workshop aims to provoke teenage minds to the creative motor and the need for affirmation and courage that is characteristic of the creative act and the act of growing up. Allying ourselves to the Dadaist principles, through this workshop, we intend to demonstrate how poetry challenges, just as Dadaism, linguistic logic, rationality and the normative organization of the world, giving priority to turmoil, analysis and spontaneity.

Poesia para jovens, Oficinas Criativas, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento
Desenho - Improvisação, Oficinas Criativas, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento

Starting from each one's imagination, we are invited to create a creative and original character and share it with others. In an exchange of words and colored pencils, one counts, and the other draws! Let's put our imagination at the tip of a pencil and create a catalog of unique characters - and stories! A fun way to promote improvisation on paper and with the body  while making new friends!

Photographing is drawing with light. It's knowing how to lead the light beams to a prepared surface, framing the best moments, capturing the right height, the jump of the rabbit, the fall of the apple, the breaking of the branch, the smile with teeth (or without), the shy eyes, a face from the side or from the front, a sun that insists on not setting. It's being there on that day, at that hour, with that light and with a head full of ideas and desire. It is to have available
our imagination and hope that the light is on our side!

Fotografia, Desenhar com luz, Oficinas Criativas, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento

Dance until your body turns into an elephant or a multi-headed monster or even an animal that is a monkey and a frog at the same time! Ah, but is this dancing? ask some sweet eyes. Here in our workshop to dance  is transforming, transforming is imagining, imagining is wanting to be everything we are not! Then we take a brush and voilá, our artwork is born! Shall we dance with paints? Yes Yes! Flying brushes in your hand that move to the rhythm of your dance.

Oficinas Criativas, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento

Workshops for children and young people, which explore various materials and techniques as a way of building and appropriating knowledge, developing creativity, hidden talents and stimulating artistic expression.


All over the country.
We go to schools, libraries and theaters.


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Oficinas Criativas, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento

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Pensamento, Oficinas Criativas, Teatro, Cepa Torta, Rebento
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