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Artistic Residency '24 
theater and performance

The two winning artists of this year's OPEN CALL are already known and will be in an artistic residency at Mina de S.Domingos, Mértola, next May.

During the month of March, the VAGABUNDAS Open Call took place with the aim of selecting two Portuguese artists or artists residing in Portugal, for the award of a scholarship and artistic residency in Mina de S. Domingos, municipality of Mértola, and the birthplace of Mercedes Blasco

This year we received 24 applications and our jury, which this year included the participation of artists Ana Bugalho, Raquel André and Inês Achando, had the difficult task of choosing the two winning projects of this VAGABUNDAS edition.


The artists Margarida Azevedo and Vera Santana were selected, with the projects “Alma Lavra” and “PAPOILAS”, respectively.


With the “Alma Lavra” project, Margarida Azevedo intends to make known the reality of women in the interior of the country through stories and photographs, which result from portraits and interviews with those who live in the interior on a daily basis. The involvement of the local community is crucial for “Alma Lavra” to be a project that fuels public discussion about the interior/coastal dichotomy and the role of women.


“PAPOILAS” by Vera Santana is a multidisciplinary proposal that seeks to promote the development of female memory in the Mina S. Domingos community. From the collection of true stories, to an exploration of emotions about these memories that are shaped, depending on demographic factors, until being explored through a theatrical artistic language, and ending with the experience of sharing with the community.


During the month of May these artists will be in residence at Mina de S. Domingos, taking advantage of this inspiring place and the generosity of its people, and with the necessary conditions to develop their creative projects, conditions that many still condition the work of women artists in our country.

Margarida Azevedo (1).png

Margarida Azevedo

"Alma Lavra" project

DSCF1835_facebook∏Filipe Ferreira_edited.jpg

Vera Santana

Project "PAPOILAS"



VAGABUNDAS is an artistic creative residency that aims to promote artistic creation in the feminine and at the intersection with the development of decentralized artistic work, particularly in communities with development and desertification problems.

With an annual frequency, this residency is inspired by the story of Mercedes Blasco, one of Conceição Vitória Marques' many pseudonyms, and the name of her best-known literary work “Vagabunda”, a diary of memories of the woman and the artist. Recognizing her importance and having her as an inspiration is to reinforce her existence, her legacy and give her the political relevance that, in life, Mercedes did not have.



Artists of Portuguese nationality or residents in Portugal, of legal age, who identify as female, whether cisgender or transgender.


  • Artistic residency for creation, investigation and research lasting one month, from May 1 to 31, 2024, at Mina de S. Doming os, for two artists selected through an open call;

  • Creation grant worth €1000 (one thousand euros), for each selected artist;

  • Shared workspace at Mina de S. Domingos;

  • Accommodation and food and travel allowances for the period of residence in Mina de S. Domingos (1 month) and stay in Lisbon (3 days), with a total value of €600 (six hundred euros).


The project schedule is made up of two phases, during the month of April at the S. Domingos Mine (Mértola) and the month of October in Lisbon:

  • Artistic residency between May 1st and 31st, 2024, at Mina de S. Domingos, Mértola with a public session on May 30th, 2024 at the Cineteatro da Mina de S. Domingos.


  • Public session with DEBATE-CONFERENCE on the topics covered by the artists, on June 2, 2024, in Lisbon, at Penha Sco Arte Cooperativa, which will feature the participation of this edition's jury: Ana Borralho, Raquel André and Inês Achondo.


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