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Actor and licensed in Production by ESTC. He directs Associação Cultural Inquietarte and is artistic co-director of the project “Tonight screams” in partnership with the company.


He has an EPTC Interpretation course (2012), did the Primeiros Sintomas Theater Workshop (2016) and has a degree in Theater Production at ESTC (2017). He worked with directors such as Carlos Avilez, Teresa Côrte-Real, Pedro Caeiro, Bruno Bravo, Leonardo Garibaldi, Gonçalo Amorim, Pedro Gil, Luis Guenel and Francisco Medina. He worked on texts by Joseph Kesselring, Georg Büchner, António Vieira da Silva, Václav Havel, Chico Buarque, Almeida Garrett, Manuela de Azevedo, Molière, Gil Vicente, António Torrado, Miguel Torga, Henrik Ibsen, William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Rui Pina Coelho , Juan Mayorga and Enda Walsh. In street theater he worked with Ten_Tart and Project Ez. In cinema, he participated in works by João Pedro Rodrigues (MORNING OF STº ANTÓNIO - 2012), by the duo André Santos and Marco Leão (PEDRO - 2016) and Miguel Clara Vasconcelos (ENCONTRO SILENCIOSO - 2017). He has been dubbing and making brief appearances on television since 2011. He founded and directs Inquietarte - Associação Cultural since 2013. Since March 2017 co-directs the programming of theater readings called Esta noite grita-se.

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