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Cepa Torta

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With a master's degree in Theater, Production branch from ESTC, he works as a executive producer at Companhia Cepa Torta.


Born in Ovar in 1998, she is currently the Executive Producer at Companhia Cepa Torta. With initial training in interpretation by Escola Balleteatro, based in Porto and a degree in Artistic Studies with a minor variant in Tourism, Territories and Heritage by FLUC.

She completed her Master's in Theater with specialization in Production at ESTC in 2022. In addition to her work at Cepa Torta, she works as a Producer at Companhia Teatro do Vazio, created in 2022 as part of the show Naufragios by Celso Pedro.
He worked at Companhia de Teatro Marionet, headquartered in Coimbra, which approaches Theater with Science and worked as a Production Assistant and Executive Producer in two productions, O Design Inteligente by Jenny Chow and O Bairro da Taba Periódica.

Occasionally, she has done some work as Performer, Actress and Extra. Of particular note is the work she did over these years as an actress at Companhia CONTACTO, in Ovar, where she also gave theater training at the Adult Workshops. She has been working as an actress/dancer in ACAL shows included in the Medieval Journey through Terras de Santa Maria.

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