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Here comes the "A Barca dos Loucos"

On the 19th, Companhia Cepa Torta premieres its new production at the Malaposta Cultural Center - "A Barca dos Loucos", a creation by Filipe Abreu. "Our planet is dying. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. We live in a world ruled by greed and power. We build barriers against the outside world. We live alone and helpless. Our greed has shattered life on the planet. life on the planet. Will humanity be able to radically change its way of inhabiting the world?" We don't know, but we want to at least try a different way of doing theater. Will we be able to light a stage only through the energy generated by a bicycle?

A BARCA DOS LOUCOS is a conference performance by Filipe Abreu on the state of the world and human impacts on life on the planet.

From the 19th to the 29th of May, at the Malaposta Cultural Center. Tickets can be purchased at BOL

Artistic / Technical Sheet CREATION AND INTERPRETATION: Filipe Abreu SCENOGRAPHY: Rita Rosa Pico LIGHT DESIGN: Filipe Abreu LIGHTING SUPPORT: Manuel Abrantes VIDEO: Mário Jerónimo Negrao PHOTOGRAPHY: Sónia Godinho DESIGN: Leonor Carpinteiro EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION: Leonor Carpinteiro CEPA TORTA PRODUCTION DIRECTOR: Paula Fernandes PRESS OFFICE: PARIS/TEXAS (Rita Bonifácio) PORTUGUESE SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETATION: Lili Grilo CREATION SUPPORT: Adriana Gil, Alberto Casquinha, Álvaro Silva, André Falcão, António Coelho, Carlos Pedro, Clara Antunes, Fernanda Colaço, Isabel Campos, João Henriques, João Pinto, José Serra, Leonardo Garibaldi, Leonor Carpinteiro, Manuel Abrantes, Manuela of God, Marta Cortegano, Miguel Maia, Nuno Roxo, Nuno Sequeira, Rafael Neves, Rita Rosa Pico, Sónia Godinho SUPPORT: ALSUD Professional School, Associação Terra Sintrópica, RCICLA - Customization of Bicycles, TM2A MEDIA PARTNER: Antenna 2 INSTITUTIONAL PARTNER: Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture

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