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The Re.Start Exhibition to end the school year with a bang

On the 6th and 7th of June, another Re.Start Show took place at the Marvila Library, which celebrates the end of an academic year with the school community and constitutes an important moment of sharing the learning consolidated throughout the year.

The Re.Começar Pedagogical Project of Companhia Cepa Torta involves around 700 children distributed across various educational institutions, who collaborate with us in this project and who share our vision about the importance of artistic education in the construction of the human being.

This Project is only possible thanks to the collaboration of these various entities - Camara Municipal de Lisboa , Junta de Freguesia de Marvila, IAC - Instituto de Apoio à Criança and Centro Social e Paroquial São Maximiliano Kolbe - and the tireless work of our incredible professors - Cecília Sousa , Nuno Bernardo and Sofia Ângelo, who with the psychopedagogical support of Maria João Valgôde and under the direction of Miguel Maia, bring theater and performing arts to the classroom.

🙏 Our thanks to everyone in the institutions/schools who are involved and believe in our work, the Marvila Library team, the Marvila Parish Council and everyone on the Cepa Torta team, especially our Beatriz Sousa.

🥰🥰 It's a wonderful feeling to see the joy of children when they step on stage and overcome all those initial nerves and truly have fun. It's wonderful that we can contribute to the growth of these incredible kids.

📷 Sónia Godinho

Companhia Cepa Torta is a structure supported by the Portuguese Republic / Directorate-General for the Arts

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