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The Re.Start of 700 children in Marvila

It was always our intention that Cepa Torta would be a company with a strong community involvement so that others, and especially kids, would have the opportunity to get in touch with the theater easily, to realize that it is a place to enjoy freedom, to conviviality, reflection and, above all, fun. June 9, 2022 was a special day - we had our Re.Começar show, at the Marvila Library, with about 120 children who belong to this project, which has a total of 700! Even more impressive is to think about the ramifications of all this, the real impacts that these types of activities have on the people involved. Kids from all over Marvila and Beato had, this year, with the actors Haroldo Costa, Sofia Ângelo, Nuno Bernardo, José Mateus, and with the support of Miguel Maia, the artistic director of the company and the psychopedagogical supervision of Maria João Valgôde, the opportunity to work on the body, movement and this thing called the "art of pretending in front of others". We will continue to fight for this: the creation of moments of wonder, of poems heard with trembling voices, of "oh professor, I'm so nervous" followed by a hug, and of, above all, being in a theater room and realizing that place is a special place to be. A big thank you to the Lisbon Municipal Libraries team, in particular Marvila, and the Marvila Parish Council, who were with us these days. Learn more about this educational project here. Photos ©Sónia Godinho

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