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And our Wild Duck took flight

Between April 4th and 7th, at the Teatro Ibérico, the show 1 Pato Selvagem was on stage, a reinterpretation of Ibsen's classic, exploring the limits between reality and representation in theater.

In this adaptation, Miguel Maia seeks to respond to the very contemporary tension of the relationship between truth and lies and between image and body.

This is the wonder of classics - they hold infinite questions within them that can be reused (or rewritten) and maintain your desire for the future.

On stage were Cirila Bossuet, João Cachola, Sandra Pereira and Tiago Bôto, and additionally, as part of the team was Laura Morais da Silva supporting the creation, Nuno Tomaz in the set design, Mário Melo Costa in the film , Rita Rosa in the costumes , Manuel Abrantes was responsible for the lighting design , Miguel Raposo Lima was responsible for the sound environment , Rita Rosa Pico was responsible for the characterization and Rodrigo Pereira Esteves was responsible for the staging assistance. Sónia Godinho was responsible for the scene photography and design, and Beatriz Sousa and Inês Achando were in production.

Many thanks to the public who accepted this challenge, to be intrigued by our Wild Duck and who warmed our hearts with their applause.

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