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Corpo / Arena, de Joana Bértholo
Companhia Cepa Torta

Corpo / Arena, de Joana Bértholo

Body / Arena

Esta noite grita-se '20


Joana Bértholo


Miguel Maia
and Filipe Abreu


Ana Vilela da Costa

José Mateus

Miguel Maia

Victor Gonçalves

Joana Bertholo

Captura de ecrã 2019-12-23, às 15.56.3
January 17th,
at the Palácio das Galveias Library,
at 9:30 pm
January 18,
at Fábrica do Braço de Prata,
at 9:30 pm
January 19,
at the Marvila Library,
at 4 pm
Duration 1h30m
Classification M / 12
Esta noite grita-se
- Body/ Arena

Joana Bértholo, with a consolidated career as a literary author, recently opted to take risks in the field of theater writing. With this Body / Arena it brings us a triptych, which takes place in dystopian environments in which we recognize many of the concerns that occupy contemporary thought. Bértholo here uses theater to present us with the idea of the body as a frontier place in the never easy relationship with our context and our future. And the characters she introduces are unexpected: three fat people who are unable to move, eagerly await the delivery of the next dose of food, a man who since the loss of his father has never been able to sleep again, and three old men who fight for the best position in front of a fan, while discussing the pertinence of staying alive. Even though the environments automatically transport us to Beckett's imagination, these characters are endowed with a realism that appears in the lucidity of their arguments when discussing their future - a future that, like ours, is uncertain and frightening.


* text developed with the support of the DGLAB Literary Creation Scholarship

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