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Os Mentirosos Simpáticos, de Anthony Neilson
Companhia Cepa Torta

Os Mentirosos Simpáticos, de Anthony Neilson

The lying kind

Esta noite grita-se '20


Anthony Neilson


Pedro Marques


Miguel Maia
and Filipe Abreu


António Fonseca

António Mortágua

Cirila Bossuet

Cláudia Jardim

Elsa Valentine

Filipe Abreu

Paulo Duarte Ribeiro

Pedro Lacerda

Anthony Neilson

Captura de ecrã 2019-12-23, às 15.56.3
February 14th,
at the Palácio das Galveias Library,
at 9:30 pm
February 15th,
at Fábrica do Braço de Prata,
at 9:30 pm
February 16,
at the Marvila Library,
at 4 pm
Duration 1h40m
Classification M / 12
Esta noite grita-se
- The lying kind

It's Christmas Eve and two unskilled policemen are tasked with giving devastating news to an elderly couple: their daughter had died in an accident. But what at first glance could seem like a family tragedy marked by comic relief, quickly becomes a snowball of disastrous events. The play, by the english playwright Anthony Neilson, was first presented exactly at Christmas time, in 2002, at the Royal Court Theater, in London, directed by Neilson himself. It is, in fact, an extraordinary black comedy in the good English style, which comes close to the kind of farce, and which resembles Tom Sharpe's scathing humor. As in all good farces, here too we come across a range of model characters, who in an increasingly uncontrolled sequence of actions, precipitate an unexpected end. A pair of clumsy policemen, a couple of sick elderly people, a priest and an aggressive woman member of a group of anti-pedophilia watchdogs, create a brothel of situations in which the tragic is violently replaced by the comic, all this justified by the relational inability of the characters. Undoubtedly an unforgettable text, not only due to the limitless humor, but also because of the doubt that it implants in our mind: do we also live in a farce?


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