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The 3 finalists chosen for the 3rd edition of the Nova Dramaturgis Award for Female Authorship

It is with great enthusiasm that we reveal the 3 finalists of the 3rd Edition of the New Dramaturgy Award for Female Authors:

- Ana Sofia Ferreira da Silva Perpétua, with the work "Tanque";

- Pedrina Costa Lisboa, with the work "Nosso Ritual";

- Tábaka Makowsko, with the work "A Aviadora".

The mentoring process begins now, between June and September 2023, with the opportunity for a period of discussion and eventual improvement, with each element of the jury accompanying one of the finalist works.

The jury for this edition is: Graça P. Corrêa, Jorge Louraço Figueira and Zia Soares.

Our congratulations to the 3 finalists to whom we wish an excellent job in this mentoring process that now begins.

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