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During the application period we received 37 applications with many interesting and challenging projects, which made this choice a difficult and difficult process, but we had to make a choice and it fell to two young women creators: Catarina Vieira and Marta Xavier.

Find out more about the two winners through their biographies and synopses of the projects they develop in this Artistic Residency. See also some images from the Open Days at the São Domingos Mine that took place in April, where the artists were able to show the community the work developed to date.

Foto Catarina Vieira_©francisca laureano.jpg

Catarina Vieira

Foto Marta Xavier ©Maria Xavier.jpg

Marta Xavier

Dias Abertos - Mostra dos projetos na Mina de São Domingos - Abril '23

Créditos fotográficos ©Sónia Godinho

Dias Abertos - Mostra dos projetos na Biblioteca de Marvila, Lisboa - outubro '23

Créditos fotográficos ©Sónia Godinho

Interview with Catarina Vieira and Marta Xavier
in Coffeepaste, 21 April 2023
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