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Vagabundas em debate

This past Saturday, October 14th, the Salão Nobre of Teatro da Trindade was the stage for a meeting between the winning artists of the 1st edition of Projeto Vagabundas and the public. This moment also included the presence of a panel of speakers, made up of three women who are an inspiration to us, Nádia Torres, illustrator and jeweler from Mértola, Natália Luiza, actress, director and artistic director of Teatro Meridional and Cláudia Lucas Chéu , playwright, author and chronicler, followed by a debate moderated by Miguel Maia.

It was possible to get to know Catarina Vieira's work in progress, "Lugar X", which started in Mina de S. Domingos, has already passed through Sines and is now based in Marvila, in addition to the research closely linked to music, by Marta Xavier, who proposes a trialogue between Mina, Mercedes and herself. The guest speakers shared with the public their artistic paths, and how the fact of being women influenced their careers, at the intersection of creation carried out far from large centers.

The name Vagabundas comes from the second book of memoirs by Mercedes Blasco, who was an extraordinary actress, writer and activist who, at the turn of the 19th century to the 20th, courageously challenged the conventions of patriarchy, through her creative passion: theater. Few people know this name, and this project aims not only to rescue its memory, but also to pay tribute to it by giving visibility to female artists who propose to develop work in peripheral or desertified areas. Having been Mercedes Blasco's professional home between 1890 and 1894, the Trindade Theater was once again her stage.

Photos by ©Sónia Godinho.

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