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Esta noite grita-se start with "The Presidents" by Werner Schwab

On the 14th, 15th and 16th of October, the 6th season of the show starts with the play "The Presidents" by Werner Schwab, a strangely amusing text - a dark, raw and surreal comedy. Featuring Cucha Carvalheiro, Lídia Franco, Luciana Ribeiro and Filipe Abreu.

© Mário Jerónimo Negrão

For Werner Schwab nothing is written in stone. Known for the rawness of his texts and the denial of any kind of sublimation or sacred ideas, he gave rise to the nickname of the Schwabian dialect, by exaggerating the potential of neologisms in the German language. The Presidents is a satire on life and oblivion that questions the status quo and the contemporary world, through the seemingly trivial conversations of three middle-aged women. "Everything is ridiculous when you think about life", and this text brings us that ridiculousness in a spectacular way, where eschatology and absurdity go hand in hand with the mundane.

14 October | Galveias Palace Library | 9 pm

15 October | Alcantara Library | 7 pm

16 October | Marvila Library | 4 pm - w/ int. LGP , includes a conversation with the public with the presence of the translator Vera San Payo;

TICKETS: or at the venue, one hour before the show (we do not have ATM) RESERVATIONS: +351 924 744 048 |


Artistic direction: Filipe Abreu and Miguel Maia

Text: Werner Schwab

Translation: Vera San Payo de Lemos

Production - Inês Achando

Production Assistant - Beatriz Sousa

Communication - Sónia Godinho

Press Office - Rita Bonifacio

Photography - Sónia Godinho

Video - Mário Jerónimo Negrao

Graphic Design - Edoardo Trave

Companhia Cepa Torta is a structure financed by the Portuguese Republic / Directorate-General for the Arts Support: Lisbon City Council, Lisbon Municipal Libraries, Belém Cultural Center, D. Maria II National Theater

Partners: Douda Correria, Superior School of Theater and Cinema Media Partner: Antena 2

© Sónia Godinho

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