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This Place, a documentary by Mário Melo Costa

This Place" is a documentary by Mário Melo Costa that takes us on a unique journey through the landscape and people of Mina de São Domingos, a location that was once one of the largest socio-economic centers in the country.

The film accompanies Companhia Cepa Torta in the process of creating a theatrical show in collaboration with that community, an event that was the culmination of an artistic project that was installed in the Mine for about two years.

“Este Lugar” is a journey that crosses the strange omnipresence of a place and its magnetic and invisible power, with the work of a group of people who are strangers to it - the artists. Can art in this context help rebuild connections and revitalize communities? Can the simple act of listening initiate a path to reach the other side of landscapes and forgotten places? And can the contemporary gaze contribute to revealing cultural richness and creating new futures for communities unfairly treated by time and history?

The preview will take place on the 15th of July, at 9:30 pm, at Cinema São Jorge.

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