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Esta noite grita-se - "See you soon"!

We are almost entering 2024 and starting to prepare another edition of this adventure that is Esta noite grita-se, but we cannot end the year without “officially” closing this 7th season that ended on the 14th, with the last reading in 2023, this time in Faro, with the play “Tanque” by Sofia Perpétua, winner of the 3rd edition of the New Dramaturgy Award for Female Authorship.

It was a 7th season that brought us a lot of joy and we already miss it! We debuted new presentation spaces where we were welcomed with open arms, we traveled to the south to take Esta noite grita-se to Faro, we met our already loyal audience and gained new spectators and had the privilege of working with an artistic and technical team which made this a true festival of the word and theater texts and whose success makes us want to do more and better.

In January we open the 4th edition of the New Dramaturgy Award for Female Authorship and we are certain that the growing interest that this award has aroused will reveal more and more female playwrights, to enrich the panorama of theater in Portugal, written by women. In the first week of the year we'll reveal more news and regulations for this new edition.

However, a lot of work awaits us and we will do everything we can to ensure that the next season of Esta noite grita-se exceeds the expectations of those who have followed us so faithfully over the years and for whom we work with great dedication.

A BIG THANK YOU to our audience!! It's for you that we work. In the meantime, follow our publications on social media and on our website to find out what's new, as well as our podcast, which adds new texts for you to listen wherever you are, from the most used streaming platforms.

We also leave our public thanks to our people, without whom Esta noite grita-se would not be possible, and to the teams at the spaces who made us feel at home and cared for.

Thank you!!!

Artistic Direction: Miguel Maia and Filipe Abreu

Performers: Ana Cris, Beatriz Godinho, Elsa Valentim, Filipe Abreu,  Inês Garrido, Joana Cotrim, João Gaspar, João Lagarto, Lara Matos, Mariana Lobo Vaz, Mário Coelho, Miguel Maia , Miguel Sobral Curado, Miguel Sopas, Paula Neves, Pedro Luzindro, Rita Brütt, Rita Durão, Rita Silvestre, Sandro Feliciano, Sebastião Martins.

Artistic direction of the text “A Vénus em Peles”: Joana Cotrim and Miguel Sopas

Jury for New Dramaturgy Award for Female Authorship: Jorge Louraço, Graça P. Corrêa, Zia Soares

​Graphic Design - Edoardo Trave​

Photography - Sónia Godinho

Video - Mário Jerónimo Negrão

Audiovisual recording - James Newitt

Production Coordination - Inês Achando

Executive Production - Beatriz Sousa

​Communication - Sónia Godinho

​Press Office - Mafalda Simões

Structure financed by the Ministry of Culture - Government of Portugal / General Directorate of Arts  

Support: Lisbon City Council, Lisbon Libraries, Marionette Museum, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Teatro das Figuras, Fábrica Braço de Prata 

Partners: Douda Correria, Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema 

Media Partner: Antena 2 

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