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Companhia Cepa Torta is recruiting a person responsible for the production of its artistic activities, scheduled to start in November/December 2021.

The workplace will be centralized in Lisbon.

Cepa Torta is a structure with the support of DGArtes - Republic of Portugal, and are headquartered in Marvila, Lisbon.

We develop an eclectic work that is distributed between the production of theater shows, artistic development projects with different communities and also a section dedicated to dedicated initiatives focusing on younger audiences.


The producer, who will report directly to the artistic direction, must be able to:

  • Create and maintain an updated Production Dossier that covers all the company's activities;

  • Organizing, planning, executing, controlling and reporting the activities included in the company's activity plan so that they are carried out as planned, in terms of dates, resources and costs, and with the expected quality;

  • Use pre-existing project control tools such as word, excel and powerpoint shared in google drive environment, among others;

  • Be familiar with working on social media, to help keep the communication dynamics on these platforms on par with those responsible for communication;

  • To bridge the gap with the person responsible for the company's administrative management and with the TOC, in order to ensure the adequate flow of financial information.


The candidate must have an experience profile that includes work in the field of artistic production.


Preference is given to those who have previous experience in projects with a public funding component.




The contract offered has a base value of €1,200 (one thousand two hundred euros) + meal allowance and will last for one year, renewable, and with a trial period of 1 month.




For the application, an email should be sent to with identification, a letter of motivation and the CV updated until October 23, 2021.


Candidates with the most suitable CV's for the desired profile will be contacted for an interview.


For more information about the company take a tour of our website. 

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