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Raul Pina Vicente
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Illustrator and entertainer with extensive experience and a particular interest in theater and the like.


  Freelance illustrator since 1998, for clients such as Gatewit (strip 'ONO & Rato'), Gray Lisboa ('Xavier' from Staples Office Center), Yolanda PA (mascot 'Kidi Friend' for
'O Sótão do Pedro' - TVI), Jornal do Barreiro (strip 'Os POLITICOS'), among many others.


  2D Animation Cinema Animator since 1999, started
at Neurones Portugal/Neuroplanet. There he learned the trade with Francisco Suspiro, João Ferreira and Artur Correia, in the times
of pencil, paper and light tables. Also formed by Vasco Granja, he animated the series 'Neco - My Family is an Animation', and in the feature films 'O Pequeno Hippo', 'O General
and The Birds', among others.


  In 2007 he joined Gameinvest SA, under the direction of Paulo Gomes, with Irina Calado, Carlos Fernandes, João Ferreira and Ricardo Blanco, in the series 'Tic Tac Tales'. Then followed Bigmoon Animation Studios with the same team, where he created and developed concepts for animation series: characters, plots, environments and scenarios.


  Joined in 2011 for Bang! Bang! 2D Animation Studio,
where for 3 and a half years he executed sets, layouts and animation
in the production of the world-wide series 'Nutri Ventures
- In Busca Dos 7 Reinos', under the direction of Miguel Braga and João Ferreira.


  He is currently a 2D Animator, Storyboarder and Illustrator
at Mainbrain Lda., producer of richmedia, digital banners and website development. Always remains a freelancer, producing illustrations, drawings, animations, storyboards, comics and cartoons of all genres.
With a degree in civil engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico in the pre-Bologna era, it was thanks to well-known friends there that joined the Cepa Torta Theater Company, as an illustrator and props, and bringing characters to life in children's animations.


  Drink inspiration by watching your surroundings, how
already recommended Chuck Jones.

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