Nuno Pinheiro
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Actor licensed by ESTC, with a master's degree in Theater and Community from the same school. He is part of the cast of the play “A bird and a head” in the company's O Rebento section.


  Born in Lisbon, in 1989. He has a degree in Theater – Actors Branch, by the Superior School of Theater and Cinema and Master in Theater – Specialization in Theater-Community by the same school.
He belonged to Companhia Teatro da Garagem between 2009 and 2017, where he developed work as an actor, teacher in the Company's educational service and videomaker.

  As an actor, he also worked with  Maria João Vicente, João Vicente, Rui Mário, Sofia  Ângelo, Miguel Maia, António Mortágua, Tiago Vieira, Bernardo Camisão, Pedro Flores, Mónica Santana Baptista, João Manso, Fátima Ribeiro, among others. At the same time, he develops work as a trainer in companies, theater teacher and stage director at Associação Cultural A Matraca, promoting various Theater and Interpretation workshops and workshops. Even as an actor, he has several works
in television, cinema, advertising, voiceover and voiceovers.

  He also works as a Casting Director for advertising films.

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