Natasha Bulha Costa
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Graduated in Social and Cultural Communication from the Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon and a postgraduate degree in Theater and Community from ESTC.


  She worked as Production and Communication Director at Teatro do Mar (Sines) from 2013 to 2017, where she produced more than a dozen street and room creations, including puppet shows, children's animations and Educational Service shows with around 100 students participants. Among the various multi and transdisciplinary productions, for all types of audiences and audiences (from tens to thousands of spectators), highlights include the zero edition of MAR - Mostra de Artes de Rua; the exhibition commemorating the Company's 30th anniversary (1986-2016) at the Centro de Artes de Sines; “INSEKTO” by Julieta Aurora Santos from “A Metamorfose” by Franz Kafka (a street show of physical, non-verbal theater, using aerial acrobatics); “The Ballad of the Old Mariner” staged by Steve Johnson, inspired by the work “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) and illustrations by Paul Gustave Doré (1832-1883); “OUTCAST” by Julieta Aurora Santos (a street dance-theater show with characters inspired by the stencil/graffi style) and the launch of the book "A Lenda do Menino da Gralha or the story of the boy who lived in the middle of the sea and wanted to ter wings" by Julieta Aurora Santos, edited by Simon's Books based on the dramaturgy of the homonymous show.

  She was the producer of "Rosto, Clareira e Desmaio" (2016) staged by Susana Vidal and poem by Miguel-Manso, in co-production with Teatro Nacional D.Maria II.

  Between 2017 and 2018 she was the producer of Estrutura, a resident company at Teatro Campo Alegre (Porto), where she produced “The End” by Cátia Pinheiro & José Nunes and André Godinho, “M'18” by Cátia Pinheiro & José Nunes, both together -production with Teatro Municipal do Porto, and the “Recurso” project, developed in partnership with mala voodora and José Maria Vieira Mendes, centered on theatrical training aimed at young creators.

  It also supported the production and collaborated with various entities in creations and events: Largo Residências/Lisboa in the show by Madalena Victorino and Pedro Salvador “AL TEO BÚ”, Festival TODOS - Walk of Cultures, Festas de Lisboa, Serralves em Festa, Educational Service of Culturgest, Tremor festival (lovers & lollypops), Educational Service of the Cultural Center of Malaposta, Project Guilharte - Guilherme Cossoul Instruction Society, University Theater of Intervention – “Comunidade Contra a Sida” Foundation, and the


Collaborates in the production of Esta Noite Grita-se, a theater reading project by Cerpa Torta

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