Diogo Andrade
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With a background in dance and theater, he participates as an actor in several shows. He is part of the cast of the play “A bird and a head” in the company's O Rebento section.


  Diogo Andrade has a degree in Advertising and Marketing and, despite never having worked in the area, this course opened him up.
the doors to the wonderful world of audiovisual and communication.
Theater started earlier, with a Higher National Certificate
in Interpretation and Performing Arts, from the UHI Millennium Institute and, later, the Actor Training Course
of Evoe.

  Has experience and training in dance and street entertainment
and regularly works as an actor and animator.

  He is currently on stage with the show "O Assalto"  from the collective Algures and is part of the cast of the show "A Bird and a Head" with Rebento (Cepa Torta).

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