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Daniela Reis
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Plastic artist, graduated in painting, works with the company since 2015. Participates in educational projects and plastic components of some shows.


  He completed his Master's and a degree in Painting at the Faculty
of Fine Arts in Lisbon and a postgraduate degree in Training
Leadership and Team Development at ISPA.

  As a complementary artistic training, he attended the course
of Artistic Development with Marta Wengorovius, the course
of Painting of the Society of Fine Arts of Lisbon, the workshop
of Glass Techniques at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon,
the Plastic Expression Monitors Training course
of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Space classes
and Creativity of Professor Helena Carqueijeiro also
at Gulbenkian among other trainings and workshops.

  He currently teaches private painting classes at institutions with different skills; works in your studio so much
in personal projects as in orders.

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