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Adolph Gutkin

Director‌ ‌-‌ ‌(1936,‌ ‌Buenos‌ ‌Aires,‌ ‌citizen‌ ‌Portuguese‌ ‌since‌ 1994).‌ ‌

Began as an actor in the Nuevo Teatro de Buenos Aires. In 1962 he settled in Cuba, where he founded a theater school in Santiago de Cuba and Dramatic Set Oriente. In 1969 travels to Lisbon, accepting the invitation to address the Scenic from Direito. Stages Volpone by Ben Johnson, who gets the prize of the Portuguese Theater Critics Association and the Press House Award for Best Performing Ano. returns to Buenos Aires, but will return to Lisbon, where resets Volpone and debut Melin 4 also selected as Best Play of 1970, the year he is expelled from Portugal and around the Cuba. in 1978 returns to Portugal, where he directed the ‌Theatre‌ of‌ Students‌ of‌ University‌ of ‌Coimbra‌ ‌and‌ taught‌ courses‌ of‌ training‌ of‌ actors‌ in ‌Funda Calouste tion Gulbenkian. In 1982 he founded the Institute of Training, Research and Theatrical Creation - IFICT, which continues to dirigir. also founded the World Theater and the Theater Maizum. 

Catarina Chamber

He graduated in Dance from the Lisbon Superior School of Dance and in Law from the Faculty of Law of Lisbon. She completed her complementary dance training at Forum Dança, Centro em Movimento and Choreographic Center in Brussels (La Raffinerie). He attended a master's degree in Literary Theory. He occasionally worked with other creators such as Luca Aprea, Félix Lozano and Sara Anjo. She was co-author of the shows De Duas Uma, Rosa de Papel, Amora and author of the solo A Cabra Sou Eu. She teaches movement and composition classes for actors and dancers  (Espaço Sou, Lisbon National Conservatory, Companhia Nacional de Bailado, Lisbon Higher School of Technology and Arts, Espaço Evoé, Anselmo de Andrade School, A Menina dos Meus Olhos, etc.) He made movement for theater and choreographic assistance. More recently, he has dedicated himself to the study and experimentation in the field of psychology applied to movement. She took the Psychopedagogical Interrelation course with Pia Kraemer and the course in Gestalt Therapy Couselling by the Luso-Portuguese Gestalt Society.  She is a dancer at Companhia Olga Roriz, Professor of Improvisation in the FOR Dance Theater course and coordinator of Corpoemcadeia, a PARTIS project of experimentation and creation in dance, at the Prisional Establishment of Linhó.

Luis Moreira

He is a professional actor at ACT, studied Shakespeare and Contemporary Theater at Guildhall Drama Summer School and graduated in Psychology at ISCTE. A disciple of Germana Tânger and assistant of Teresa Lima, he is a voice teacher and has taught at ACT, Guilherme Cossoul, EPI and ACE. He is responsible for the oral performance of the group Teatro do Váo since 2014 and Teatro Lingua since 2015. As an actor, he worked with Jorge Silva Melo, Luís Miguel Cintra, António Pires, Marco Martins, Tiago Guedes, Henrique Feist and Beatriz Batarda. Since 2015, he has staged “Menina Else”, by Arthur Schnitzler, and “Invazio or The World Authority in Solitude”, by Martin McDonagh. He also staged three shows by an amateur theater group at Teatro da Vilarinha, in Porto, and “A Cidade”, by Gonçalo M. Tavares, for which he won the José Boavida Prize, at the second edition of the Festival da Paixão - Guilherme Cossoul . In cinema, he worked with João Maia in “Variações” and with Ara Paiaya in his first international production “Purge of Kingdoms”.

He is artistic director of the company Filho do Meio, through which he staged four plays by William Shakespeare, “Twelfth Night” in 2017, “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, in 2018, “Much Ado About Nothing”, in 2019 and “Hamlet” in 2020. 

Paula Freitas

He started his theatrical career in 1976 at TEUC with Adolfo Gutkin in the actor training course of the Calouste Gulbenkian foundation. He crossed paths with names such as Eva Ruan, José Triana, Ricardo Salvat, Vera Keel, Fura del Baus, Comediants, Schools such as École Marcel Marceau, École Rue le Blanche, Conservatoire de Bordeaux, Bodego Vitorio Gazman and Conservatories of Theater in Spain. Professional actress in 1981. She made more than 30 plays for groups, TEUC, Os Saltitões, Maizum, Teatro da Costa and IFICT. Directed and conceived animations, performances, shows; He guides drama courses and internships for theater schools, universities, companies, city councils and various entities in Portugal and the EU. Participated in international theater festivals. In 1987, she joined the IFICT faculty as a professor of dramatic expression and movement. She is the pedagogical director and director of the IFICT. Many of his former students are recognized as great theater professionals.

Mariana Tengner Barros

Choreographer, dancer, performer. His work has been presented in several countries in Europe and South America, highlighting “The Trap” (2011, Public Award Winner Jardin D'Europe- Austria), “A Power Ballad” (2013) and “Resurrection” ( 2017) co-creations with choreographer Mark Tompkins and “Instructions for the gods: i4gods” (2017), a continuous 5-hour performance for museums in collaboration with musician Pan.demi.CK . She collaborated with several artists in different projects as a dancer, actress and performer, highlighting Francisco Camacho, Meg Stuart, John Romão, Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, Diana Bastos Niepce, Elizabete Francisca, Nuno Miguel, António Mv, Jonny Kadaver, Agnieszka Dmochowska, Raquel Castro, Retina Dance Company and Rafael Alvarez.

Graduated in Dance from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, England (2003). Trained at Ballet Theater Munich, under the artistic direction of Philip Taylor in Munich (2004). Founding member of the artistic collective The Resistance Movement in Leeds (2005). Completed the Study and Choreographic Creation Program-PEPCC at Fórum Dança in Lisbon (2009). She was an associated artist of EIRA between 2013 and 2016. She is artistic director of A BELA Associação. He is part of the band Kundalini XS and the performative musical project Digital Pimp Hard at Work, both edited by Gruta. In 2016, he received the Municipal Cultural Merit Award by the Vila Nova de Famalicão City Council for his professional career. 

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